In The Beginning

Lee Grant AKA Grantly born to Jamaican parents who loved nothing better then to celebrate life as often as possible, and most of the time this came in the form of a ‘bottle part’ which was all the rage back in the day.  Lee & his senior brother Jimmy were given the task of keeping the everyone dancing, (my first DJ gig).  My dad was an avid music collector and would often come home from work on a Friday evening with a handful of the latest new releases from a wide range of genres.  As far back as I can remember I have always had a love for music and in began collecting just like my dad as soon as I started making money.  I would often over spend on buying records and would end up borrowing money from the bank of mum & dad before the week was up.  Growing up in the age of young clubs and sounds systems kept him and his sound crew out of trouble.  Back in the day his weekends were often spent building speaker boxes made from borrowed sheets of plywood from the local Timber yard.  It was alway about the love of music and who had the baddest, heaviest or loudest sound system in the dance hall.

Over the years Lee has team up with various sounds systems which he credits as he’s university of music school.  His love of radio began with the evening program of the late great John Peel who’s varied collection of music captured his attention and kept him listening out for that obscure dub or reggae track, but it was the presenting style and music knowledge of David Ram-Jam Rogan ‘Capital reggae radio’ show that sealed the Grantly’s fate and career in radio.